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Baseball New Year

Reenvisioning Chinese New Year with a baseball twist.

Art Direction

Graphic Design


Routine Baseball


I wanted to deliver something unique to the baseball world and remixing Chinese New Year with baseball was the solution. 

We considered each position and roll in baseball to re-create each symbol in the Chinese calendar. Then created our own fortunes for each symbol to help connect the audience on a deeper level.

Colorways chosen for each tee were the traditional Chinese new year colors of red and gold along with I'm more familiar combo inspired by Chinese takeout, red and white.

baseball new year activation development


To launch the mini collection, I wanted to make sure our followers felt the deep thought that went into this project. So to achieve this we put together a modified logo inspired by Chinese Patterns superimposed over a player sliding into a base to tease the release.


I then had my team break down the main graphic, the calendar, into 9 slides To post as a slow reveal on Instagram. We then began to Our custom fortunes between the feed and stories. 


It was clear that the work and love put into this project was well received. I was even more apparent with our Asian followers who appreciated the collection the most for recognizing their culture within the sport they love.
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