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Routine Athletics Sales Material

Reaching into my trusty tool belt of design, I was responsible for developing the look and feel of all the sales material for athletic apparel for high schools and clubs.


Art Direction




I collaborated with the sales director to design the best batch of competitive material we could develop and function was the priority. 

To achieve this, I developed a healthy curiosity to understand the sales process in the world of athletic team sales.

The information helped to make sound design choices throughout all touchpoints, including an improved digital order intake experience for the sales team.


Bold Type, vibrant colors and a lean amount of copy to help balance the design was the goal. 

shimon croxton portfolio work routine athletics custom order form

The sales team needed something that was easily editable on their iPads when out in the field. Using a combination of Indesign and Adobe Acrobat, I was able to produce a streamlined form that included calculations, references menus to streamline handing off to different teams, and email functionality when the form is completed. 

Interactive Forms

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