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Spring/Summer 19'

These are a few apparel pieces from the 2019 line that I helped design, shoot and direct. 

Apparel Design

Technical Production





The BP Pullover

Bringing an undeniable baseball piece to the demo was the goal with this jacket. It needed to pull from archives of on-the-field attire and modernize it to fit the streetwear market. Using a combination of artwork applications, ribbing style, and a curved hem cut, this release was a sure standout.

Tee Designs


"Stepping outside the box" was the name of the game with the tee designs and the brand at Routine. I contributed to many creations blending the game and lifestyle of baseball with practically...anything!

Cleverness, pun-filled humor and other creative devices were key features of some of my most popular designs. 


Greetings from Spring Training Tee & Postcard

Spring training is one of the special times for sports and baseball. People travel to Florida or Arizona to watch their team's practice. 

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